Working for a Safe & Sound Society

"safety is not obvious and requires something from you"

Strengthen safety and security through support of innovative thinking, social innovation initiatives and modern technology.


This website is created to share knowledge, experience, products, services that makes a city more safe and secure. If you have developed a good tool or you have a good idea, please send it to and we will share this via this website. We do not want money, we only want a safe and secure society.


Living in a safe environment gives a pleasant feeling. A safe environment is built for a small part by the measures taken by governments to eliminate unsafe situations. A safe society is created for the most part by the people / community itself. Caused by the individualization of society, we see that the work of social security is increasingly focused on initiatives in social innovation. Social innovation for a more safe and secure society, is an intriguing subject and mostly focused on sense and awareness, mainly triggered by a "What's in it for me" question. It is obvious that the people living and working in a community are most important for working on a "Safe & Sound Society". Therefor we advise to use the Human Centered Design methodologies. Get away from your desk and ask what people moves. Take a clean city as an example. The city is not clean by the work of the refuse collectors, but mainly caused by the people themselves who keep their homes and gardens clean.

Safer City, Happy Citizens